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If you want to expand your small business for less than $100 per month, eCommerce is your best lead. ECommerce is taking a very large portion of the overall retail sales in the US. If you already have a business website, the best thing is to add a standalone shopping cart on the website. But if you don’t have a business website yet, the best thing is to create an eCommerce store.

There are lots of eCommerce software platform out there to jump start your online store. These eCommerce platforms will give you the basics to get started like Search engine optimization, integrated shopping cart, inventory management, analytics, and email marketing. All you have to do is create an account.

Here I will give you two best eCommerce software for your small business.

  1. Shopify is a popular eCommerce software platform. The platform allows you to pick a theme, organize the design, including a product catalog, organize the products and create blog posts. The platform features a built-in mobile commerce that includes a mobile storefront and an iPhone app. You also have marketing tools to help sell your products. Also, Shopify integrates with Google analytics, so it lets you track your customer purchases and shopping cart transactions.

Shopify price starts at $29 per month which includes unlimited bandwidth, 2% transaction fee, 1 GB of storage, and 100 products. They also charge $50 per month for the basic business account which includes 1% transactions fee, 5GB of storage and for products listing up to 2,500.

  1. Big Commerce. Big commerce is also a popular eCommerce software platform. The platform is a great choice for a small business that wants to start an online store and at the same time maintain an eBay business. Big Commerce offers features for SEO, mobile commerce, hosting, store design, inventory, and marketing. Also, you can also integrate your store with eBay listings from within the platform. All you need to do is choose the item you want to push to eBay, create an eBay listing theme and set eBay shipping.

Big commerce prices start at $24.95 monthly for 100 product listing. They also have another plan (the silver plan) which is very suitable for small businesses that want to invest in eCommerce. The price is $39.95 monthly for 500 products, 3GB bandwidth, 300 MB storage, and ten staff logins.