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There are so many online eCommerce features available today. With so many online eCommerce features, we need to know which features to use and which feature will match your business type well.

Here, I will give you five important features of the online eCommerce system so that you can successfully decide which feature matches your business type well.

    1. Marketing and promotional tools. Promotion and marketing are very essential for your eCommerce website. For your eCommerce store to get successful, you need to do some marketing campaigns and online promotions to keep your visitors coming back to buy from you. You should make sure your eCommerce system allows you to manage and create pricing rules for non-members and members, create and manage discount coupons. Promotional and marketing tools allow you to cross-sell and upsell your products. If you want to keep your customers and sell more, you need the marketing and promotional tools.

  1. Catalog management. Catalog management is a very important aspect of an eCommerce business. Catalog management manages all your products in one place. It comes with a batch import and export function; catalog management is a very important feature you need, especially when you have many products uploaded into the website.
  2. Shipping and delivery features. You need a well-designed shipping and delivery module in your store. The shipping and delivery module is the most important feature your eCommerce site should have. The feature must make it very easy for customers to select the type of delivery option they want. The feature must also auto-calculates for the shipping charges for customers.
  3. Payment modules. The payment module is also a very important feature in an eCommerce system. Every eCommerce business aims to make sales. To make sales, you eCommerce system have to support the major payment systems and gateways available – 2Checkout, PayPal, and WorldPay. Your visitors should be given the freedom to choose from a list of different payment options as there are lots of payments systems available on the internet.
  4. Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is a very important feature in the eCommerce system. SEO is important if you want to make sales fast on the internet. Without SEO, nobody would find your products on the internet. To make more sales, you need Search Engine Optimization. For your site to be Search Engine Optimized, your eCommerce system needs to be able to generate search engine friendly URLs.